Fund a Major Water Project

Dollars raised through every social fundraiser created on behalf of Water Ambassadors Canada will go towards a pre-selected large scale water project in a community that has been without clean water for years.

How Much Do We Need to Raise?

Our current social fundraising project is to deliver bleachmakers and water filters to communities in Liberia. We plan to purchase $5,000 worth of these water tools as part of this project.

 Current Project: Water Tools for Liberia

The Problem

Liberia is located in Western Africa and is one of the poorest countries in the world. Just a small percentage of the population has access to clean drinking water and handwashing facilities that keep illness at bay.

The Solution

Our in-country partner in Liberia, Hamilton Bleh, serves as a pastor with Victory Healing Ministries which has two locations in the interior part of Liberia and its headquarters in Monrovia. The organization disperses food, medical, and other essential supplies out to the rural countryside through their established village community church/school/life missions.

Water Ambassadors has worked with Hamilton in Liberia to distribute bucket water filters and provide training to community members about how to use the filters to purify local sources of water. 5 gallon bucket filters - like those pictured - are a great and inexpensive way to ensure people in even the most remote communities are able to access clean drinking water.

With your help, we can provide more bleachmakers and water filters to Liberia this fall to help bring clean water to even more communities that still have no access. Will you help us?

We're Changing Lives with Clean Water

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